A four-week guide to what you should know as a first-year vet student

This post is just a quick announcement for a project I have planned, namely a four-week guide to what you should know before starting vet school/as a first-year vet student. These are things that I wish I’d known, and that I’m still curious to find out. Throughout these four weeks, I’ll be collecting data on everything from how much studying is required on a day-to-day basis, conducting interviews with vets and vet students, and trying out study and time management experiments to see if I can up my productivity in just four weeks.

The next four Sunday posts will be (these are all clickable links):

1. The metrics of vet school – how many hours do I study per week, and what is the school average?

2. What should you know before starting vet school? – What background knowledge and animal experience is useful to have?

3. How do you get everything done? – On staying focused and prioritising.

4. Q & A with vets, vet students, and professors – what one thing do they think all first-year vet students should know?

Stay tuned for the next few weeks, and have a great Sunday!