An age of extinction

Every other year the World Wildlife Fund publishes the Living Planet Report. Based on the Living Planet Index, it’s the world’s leading science-based analysis on the health of our planet, and the alarming rate of extinction among species.

I’ve included a few videos and infographics below, and if you have some extra time, give the brief summary of the report a read. If we continue on polluting and destroying habitats at this current rate, by 2020 2/3 of all animals will be extinct.

Click here for the summarized rapport. It’s a quick read and informative read, with several infographics.

Image from WWF.

Image from WWF.

Here’s Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, discussing the main findings of the 2016 Living Planet Report:

Here’s an unlisted video from the WWF YouTube channel of Sir David Attenborough’s guest talk at the Living Planet Lecture: (Click the image or this link to see the video.)

Here’s a link to my sister’s blog,, where she’s written a brief summary.

This is on all of us, spread awareness; we have no species to lose.