Wolves win, culling cancelled

Yesterday marked a great win for the Norwegian natural conservationist community. The culling of almost 50 wolves is cancelled, leaving a population of about 70 individuals. The scheduled culling has caused an international uproar after its announcement earlier this fall, with everyone from top WWF officials, to major conservationist advocate Sir David Attenborough chiming in against the slaughter.

When told in an interview with the Norwegian newspaper A-Magasinet that Norway only has 70 wolves left in the wild, Attenborough replied “is that all?” He then followed up the question by mentioning Great Britain’s effort to preserve their own wolf population. WWF leader Marco Lambertini wrote a letter of concern, stating that “WWF-international had great concerns” and that the undertaking would be “the biggest wolf-culling in almost 100 years.”

As of yesterday, 32 of the 47 wolves are saved, with the Norwegian WWF website stating that “hunting will be limited to 15 individuals outside of the wolf management zone – of which six have already been shot.” Wolves that pose no danger to grazing animals will not be included in this licensed hunting, and hopes are there will be a greater effort to conserve the population we have left.