Holiday prep work, embryology, and the little victories

Christmas break is fast approaching, and although I’m looking forward to taking some time off, and seeing my family again, I can’t forget about vet school entirely. Since our exams aren’t until after the holidays, I have put some thought into what amount of work I aim to finish while at home, and how many books to bring, school supplies, etc.

I will probably do a more thorough entry on it when we're done with this semester’s lectures, but as it stands now, I’m thinking I should aim to do less, rather than put more on my to-do list than I know is manageable/enjoyable to do while on holiday. I also think I should bring fewer books, and focus more on certain aspects of the curriculum, rather than bring an entire library of cell biology books with me. I still have to make up my mind on whether it’ll be more advantageous to focus on previous exams or if I should stick to the learning goals and study group task sheets for now, and save the exams for later. I have always believed that the sooner you work on exam sets, the better, but in this case, it hasn’t made sense to do so yet. We’re only finishing up the curriculum now, and a lot of the exam tasks are based on labs we’re yet to have. Needless to say, it has felt a bit premature.

Speaking of premature, we started the embryology sub-block last week. So far, it seems manageable, and it always feels nice with a “fresh slate”, (especially after genetics, which is something I definitely have to revisit over Christmas). Next week we have two microscopy courses, the ELSA lectures, and yet another evaluation. Then we have half of the week off, which I’m guessing is so we can prepare for the evaluation on the entire curriculum scheduled for next Wednesday.

It’s so strange, sitting here writing this, I’m looking at my calendar, and I’m realizing that we only have one regular lecture left of this semester. It’s so insane, I feel like I started this blog yesterday, and now I’m already done with my first semester. I’m 1/12th of the way to becoming a vet! That may be a bit of a stretch, but hey, every victory counts! Sometimes it’s easy to forget to stop and appreciate the smaller milestones, but given how this semester has flown by, I think I ought to take a second to think enjoy it.