Freshers’ Week and First Impressions

Since last week didn’t have any actual lessons, and consisted mainly of enrolling us into the school’s IT-systems, getting our pictures taken, and picking up our student-IDs, I thought I’d save all the weeks first impressions for the Sunday entry, instead of splitting it up into two posts. Therefore, this isn’t really what I learned throughout the week, but some thoughts on freshers’ week, and a short recap of the week’s events.

Monday: The week started with an Amazing Race-inspired obstacle course of challenges around campus, which involved professing your love to strangers on the street, singing, dancing, taking selfies with random dogs, clothes chains, and even spitting candy and sardines into each other’s mouths. The latter was coincidentally my group’s first challenge, so within half an hour of our first introductions, we were shouting and flinging sardines with our teeth. It may not sound like much fun, but it really was.

Lining up to have our pictures taken.

Lining up to have our pictures taken.

Tuesday: The next day we had a barbeque overlooking the school property, where people brought their dogs, and played garden games. We got to ask our buddies a ton of questions, about working at a clinic while in school, how much homework we were going to have in the next semesters, the different student associations, and all the upcoming events we had to look forward to. The school has so many traditions, and it was really nice seeing how great the sense of community was amongst the older students. It was also kinda reassuring to learn that grades did not matter all that much, and that people were very supportive of one another, trying to help each other get through the course load in the best way possible.

Wednesday: The third day we were introduced to the school’s student associations. The choirs performed and all the different groups told us a little bit about what they did throughout the year, and which events they were responsible for, like Christmas activities, or parties. A lot of the student groups had excursions to different countries, activities with animals, sleepovers, you name it! There was really something for everyone, whether you liked knitting and sewing, board games, or just a proper dance party. After the introductions had ended, we all went to the school pub for a quiz (which we ended up losing btw, but we had so much fun singing and dancing along to the music that by the end of it, it really didn’t matter.)

Thursday: The fourth day of Freshers’ week was supposed to be sports day, playing volleyball against our buddies, but I mostly ate hot dogs and talked to the other Freshers. What is kinda neat about the way they sorted us into groups at the beginning of the week, is that they mixed the vet students and the vet techs. I think that in the long run, it will be good for the school community that we all get to know each other, even though we won’t have any of the same classes.

Friday: This might have been the most fun day of the entire week. After being matriculated, and receiving our roses and official matriculation letters, we all went home, and changed out of our bunads and dress suits, and went back to school for “apartment-to-apartment”. The objective was going from apartment to apartment (as the name implies), and completing themed challenges. There were so many excellent themes, such as a Mexicana-themed apartment and a 10-year-old birthday celebration. There was an obligatory vet-themed apartment where we diagnosed each other’s fractures and got our “flu shots”. A Kardashian-themed apartment, where we contoured and highlighted like champions, and a beer-pong competition with so many different takes on the game, that it was almost hard to keep up with the rules. We missed one apartment, which I think was ballet-themed or sports-themed from what I’ve seen in the pictures, but the night turned out so well, that it really did not matter.

As far as Saturday goes, we got the weekend off to recuperate and “gather our strength” for week two of freshers’ activities, so I just stayed in and baked chocolate cake with one of my friends and her boyfriend, drank tea, and talked about how good the week was. If I were to give only one tip to all you other freshers out there, I would say: don’t be afraid to just go up to someone and strike up a conversation. Odds are that they are equally afraid and nervous, or eager to make new friends. And given that you have both chosen the same career path in life, you already have something in common, or a starting off point to base your new friendship on. I’ve met so many fun and lovely people already, so as far as freshers’ weeks goes, I’ll give this a 10/10.

Next week will be back to the regular posting schedule, and I have already started Wednesday’s entry, on school start resolutions, in which I’ve compiled a list of some useful tips to base your own studies on, and to keep in mind to deter any bad habits you may have had in your previous school years. Also, there will be more pictures in the coming entries, I’m just trying to be mindful about posting other people’s images online. So you’ll just have to imagine us all with drawn-on Mexican moustaches, sombreros and Kardashian-worthy contour.

Photo by damedeeso/iStock / Getty Images