Skeletons and chickens and snakes, oh my!

We still haven’t started school properly, so other than a couple of lectures on how to prevent communicable diseases and how to use a microscope, the week has mostly consisted of more freshers’ activities. You’ll have to excuse the potato-quality of the pictures, I promise to get better at bringing a camera, and will be upgrading to a better phone pretty soon.

After Monday’s lectures, we had a proper Amazing Race, and our team won by a full half hour! We full-on ran from task to task, and afterwards, we were all bright red and exhausted. I wish I could post our victory photo, but I haven’t checked if it’s ok for the rest of the team, so that’ll have to wait until another post.

On Tuesday, we went to the reptile park and held snakes. Here I am half scared, half laughing because the snake started brushing up against the side of my arm. They were all safe of course, but I definitely need some more getting used to when it comes to holding snakes.

Wednesday’s lecture was our first encounter with a dissected animal. We didn’t get to dissect it ourselves, but watch live via camera as the professor told us what we were seeing. I remember someone telling me some gruesome rumours that it would be super gory and gross, but in all honesty, the professor did it so neatly, and was careful to mention that this was a dog from the school’s clinic that hadn’t made it, and that sometimes patients die, and that there’s nothing we can do about it.

The whole lecture was for us to get to know the basics of why the animal’s spine is curved, getting an overview of the abdominal cavity and the thorax, and have a look at how thin the serous membranes are, and what function they have in the body. I won’t get that much into it in this entry, as I’m sure this was just an introduction, so here’s a picture from the same class, when we were challenged to draw a dog skeleton from memory.

Later that same Wednesday we went to a party hosted by the school newspaper, which was great fun, and on Thursday we had the day off, so I went visiting family, and met their new chickens. They were so cute, with their tiny and feathered feet.

Friday’s lecture was quite interesting, and it inspired me to do an entry on group dynamics in study groups in the future. What the psychologist holding the lecture focused the most on was what function each member of the group had, and tried to create awareness about how we ourselves acted in a group setting. We were given tasks to complete without talking or pointing, we analysed each other’s groups, and told one member of the group we didn’t know that well a secret to get out of our own comfort zone. It was kind of eye-opening when it comes to making study groups work, so definitely be on the lookout for an entry on that pretty soon.

As for the weekend, the freshers’ weeks’ activities ended with a trip to the school's cabin. It’s amazing how much effort has gone into all the activities for us new students this week. I’ve been through three freshers’ weeks at two different universities, and this is by far the most well planned out, most fun, and greatest bonding experience of them all. Again, if your uni has any type of freshers’ week activities, I highly recommend going to all of them.

I have however gotten a little bit of a cold from not dressing well enough, and walking barefoot in the woods during the weekend, so I’m going to end this entry now, and cosy up with a cup of tea and try and do a bit of coursework. I have something special planned for Wednesday’s entry, so look forward to something that is useful regardless of what field of work you’re in!