A new "pet project"

Hi! I’m Benedicte, or Bene for short. My whole life, I’ve wanted to become a veterinarian. After much trial and error, a blog on study techniques, several interviews, and many, many departures into other completely unrelated fields, I finally managed to get into vet school.

There are many reasons why I’ve wanted to start this blog, and in many ways it scratches my own itch. When I was younger, I often wondered how many hours of revising it took to be a vet student, or what kinds of subjects were taught, and I had a ton of questions about animals in general. Another reason is that a lot of times when I’ve mentioned what I wanted to be “when I grow up” people have told me that they “wanted to be a vet once,” or that they had the same dream growing up. What I’m thinking, is that if that many of my immediate friends and family have thought about working with animals at some point, there has to be someone out there thinking about the same things as I did, and wanting that same itch scratched.

This is where “Vet to Be” comes in. Every Wednesday and Sunday, I will publish a new blog post. Wednesdays will be anything from what my study habits are, animal welfare, thought pieces on how to be a better student, how I got into vet school, grit, time management, and whatever else I find interesting. Sundays will be a summary of what I’ve learned during the week, and trying to explain it in a non-gross and hopefully interesting way.

I will try to include a lot of photos and infographics, and the end result will hopefully be a blog that not only prospective vets can enjoy, but also students who are interested in time management and study techniques, or animal-lovers concerned with animal rights and welfare.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!