Some more resources

The blog post on how to ace difficult subjects is going to have to wait, as the seniors pranked us today, and threw us a huge party. I’m pretty sure that I’m not allowed to tell you what happened there, so therefore I’m just going to link you some of my favourite video resources. Some are on time management, some are on learning strategies, and some are just really interesting, and worth a mention. Be sure to check out all the channels as well! I’ll link them above the videos, and to find the source links, just click the videos.

The Pomodoro Technique

I’ve written a blog post on this technique before here, so if you’re intrigued by the video, you can read more over at my old blog, and on their website.

College Info Geek

I mentioned this blog last week, and Thomas Frank’s videos are just awesome resources for all college level students. This video in particular has a level of experimentation to it, which I find very interesting. Everyone should know at what time they are the most productive!

SciShow and Crash Course

Everything the Vlogbrothers create is amazing, and these two channels are no exception. This is just one example, but if you check out both channels, they have videos on everything from social sciences, literature, history, psychology, natural science, physics, and the list goes on!

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

This last channel I added just because I find these types of videos so interesting. Vsauce and Veritasium are in the same category. So if you enjoy this last video, and want more, I highly recommend checking out all three channels.