Just relax

I’ve been having a bit too much fun drawing MS Paint graphs for the «how to»-entry originally scheduled for today, but since we haven’t really had any proper lessons all week, (and since I just got home from a concert, and it’s about ten minutes until midnight), I thought I’d push that entry to Sunday. So instead, today I’m posting about something equally important, namely taking breaks.

I had a really great conversation today about the importance of taking time off. I’m guessing that many of you reading this are probably high achievers who want to do well in all your endeavours, whether it be school, or passion projects, like this blog is for me. And while it is important to put a good amount of effort into all your ventures, research (here and here) says that taking regular breaks improves performance, and that being tired, stressed or sleep deprived (link here) can have long-term deteriorative effects on the brain.

Therefore, this short entry is just a reminder to set aside some time to relax. Rather than trying to be effective in your off time, or try to combine studying with binge watching your favourite TV-series on Netflix, separate the two, and devote some time to pure relaxation. That way you’ll be rested for work sessions, and you can play 5 hours of Zelda with a clear conscience.

I’ve included a little throwback to this summer, where I think I’m reading Ender’s Game. If you have any good book recommendations, be sure to tweet me or comment below! Schedule some time to read some great fiction, or have a cup of tea, go for a walk someplace new and explore!

And don’t worry. You’ll get your productivity-fix on Sunday!