Gamifying productivity with Habitica

I recently started using the Habitica app again. Back when I first used it, it was called HabitRPG, which is more descriptive as far as what the app is all about, namely gamifying good habits. If you’re like me and have a bit of a competitive streak, and love games, this is the productivity app for you.

As you can see, I don't like getting up in the morning without pressing snooze at least once..

As you can see, I don't like getting up in the morning without pressing snooze at least once..

The basic layout of the app is sectioned into three main categories; habits, dailies and to-do’s.

Habits are things you want to do more (or less) of and can be tracked multiple times per day. Mine are more of a once per day type of thing, like getting up without pressing snooze, preparing for the following day, and packing lunch. These are all related to my morning and evening routine because those are the areas I struggle with the most.

Dailies are things that need to get done every single day, like tidying up the apartment, studying etc. Although it’s called dailies, this should be said with an asterisk, because it’s completely up to you. Take studying for instance. I like to have a day completely off. Therefore, I’ve removed the checkmark for Saturdays for the “study”-task, giving me one guilt-free day off.

To-dos are exactly what you think it is. I don’t use this as a daily to-do-list, more like a “this-needs-to-get-done-by-the-end-of-the-week”-type of thing. My daily to-do’s I prefer writing down on paper, so I can check them off without using my phone, as it’s more likely to distract me from the things I’m working on.

The point of this whole setup is gaining XP. Just like in a regular RPG, if you gain enough XP you level up. You also earn rewards, like eggs, potions, and gear, to arm your avatar with. How you chose to play is up to you. I used to play just to collect the best possible gear, pets, and mounts. Now, however, I play with my friends, and we work together to complete quests. In fact, they are the reason I started back up again.

If you decide to try this out for yourself, I only have one request - Be honest! Do not check habits and dailies off just to gain XP or to avoid losing HP. The more you get into it, the more the app motivates you! Leave a comment and let me know if you download the app, and what you think!