Good times at the practice clinic

I should go to the practice clinic far more often. Not only was today’s session very informative, but also very enjoyable! When we managed to find a blood vessel, and place the peripheral venous line properly, we literally cheered for each other. We only spent about a half an hour there, but overall it felt like a productive session.

Here are some images from today’s session. In the following weeks, we’re going to learn how to intubate, and practice suturing skills. I’ve even brought some suturing kits back home, to practice stitching up banana peels.

Treningsklinikk 1.jpg
Treningsklinikk 2.jpg
Treningsklinikk 3.jpg
Treningsklinikk 4.jpg
Treningsklinikk 5.jpg

Also, since I fell asleep before posting an Instagram image last Sunday, go check out the Sunday blog post if you haven’t already! I’ve written about an app I’ve been loving lately called Habitica. If you want to cement some good habits into your daily routine, I highly recommend giving it a read!

That’s it for now, be sure to check in this upcoming Sunday for a post on rewilding! Until then, have a great week!