How I work myself out of a study-funk

This has been sort of a mixed week. On the one hand, it’s been a really enjoyable week, with a ton of fun, but on the other, I feel like I’ve been treading water as far as population medicine goes. I’m gonna level with you guys, I haven’t found a great study method for this block. We’re one month away from the exam, and it feels like I’m falling behind. I’m hoping that the inheritance and breeding part of the course is going to feel more familiar after cell biology, because as it stands now, I’m way off from where I need to be.

Usually, when I’m in this kind of funk, I try to work my way out of it by changing things up. Currently what isn’t working is playing the catch-up game after going on holiday. By trying to get caught up to where everyone else is currently at, I’m falling further and further behind. Also, if I’m not fully prepared for the lesson, I get nothing out of it. Therefore, instead of having lecture prep as the last item on the daily itinerary, I’m moving it to the top, closely followed by the daily task sheets we’re given each day.

I’m hoping that by implementing these two small changes, I can sort out the whole not getting what I want out of the lectures things out, and the constant bad conscience from falling more and more behind while trying to catch up. I’ll deal with the things that I’ve missed on the days that we have off or the weekends, and I just have to dial up the work-meter to overdrive and power through it. Luckily, the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer has been such a boost that I’m feeling totally up for the challenge! Statistics (or maths in general) may not be my cup of tea, but I’ve always been of the mindset that if you work hard enough you can get decently good at whatever you try your hand at.

So, to sum things up; if you’re feeling like you’re in a slump, or your study or work routines just aren’t working for you, then 1. Identify what the problem areas are, and 2. Find actionable solutions to them, and apply them to your daily life.