Bengal cats and spinal nerves

The anatomy and physiology block is upon us, but other than spending a small fortune on books, I can’t say I’ve been all that productive yet. Mostly due to the post-population-medicine-laziness we’ve all been enjoying, but somewhat due to this little menace lurking around whenever I try to set up shop in the kitchen. As much as I enjoy the study “help” I’m getting, I’d much rather just cuddle her.

Although it seems she has other plans, like searching through my backpack, and sitting on top of all our post- and birthday cards.


As far as anatomy goes, we’re currently learning about the nervous system. Although it’s pretty rudimentary right now, some of the stuff we’ve learned about what the different parts of the brain controls, and what nerve signals go where is so interesting. It may sound somewhat disturbing, but I’m really excited for next Monday’s brain dissection, and actually trying to figure out which part is the mesencephalon and which is the diencephalon, and what does it include.

I’m going to have to bring this entry to a bit of an abrupt end, because I keep getting derailed by this little kitten being super playful. Therefore, I’m just going to leave you with this pre-pounce-pose, and this shot of her demolishing my textbook, and wish you all as lovely a Wednesday as I'm having.