Easter update

Happy Easter everyone! As you may have noticed, I decided to take the week off from blogging, and just spend time with my friends, family, and pets. It’s been great to be back down south where I’m originally from, and even though I’m currently lounging on the couch with the Samoyed since the weather is kind of gray outside, the entire week has been filled with sunny weather and seaside walks.

We also got our population medicine exam results back, and I’m very happy with the results. As far as Uni goes, I haven’t been doing much (or any) schoolwork over the holidays. However, sometimes I think taking some time off can be just as beneficial as doing that extra bit of cramming.

I’m doing a longer, study-related blog post tomorrow, but for now, I just wanted to update you, and wish you a happy Easter. I hope you’ve gotten to spend some quality time with your families as well, and that you’ve had the opportunity to spend some time outside in this gorgeous spring weather.