Holiday daze

Since I’ve been in a sort of holiday daze since Easter vacation, I haven’t been able to do as much studying as I’ve wanted to recently. Lately, work has been kind of piling up on me, with daily labs, dissections, lectures, and I’m sitting there like:

So instead of spending too much time blogging today, I thought I’d just post a couple of photos from these past three days, and give you guys a brief update on what we’re doing lately.

This first image is from today’s dissection course, where we looked at the muscles of the forelimb in charge of toe movement, and the anatomy of the carpal region. Today we only had to carry out one of the dog’s legs to the dissection bench, but in the next session, we’ll be looking at the hip joint, so we’ll have to bring out the entire dog.

The image below is a screenshot from the boomerang video I posted on Instagram stories yesterday. It's from yesterday’s physiology lab course, where we shocked each other to stimulate different types of muscle contractions. We varied between different amplitudes and stimulation intervals, to see how the varying parameters changed how hard, and how many of our muscle fibers contracted. We also hooked up electrodes to Johannes legs, to see how fast her reflexes were when we knocked on her Achilles tendon with a tiny mallet.

So as you can tell, we’re learning a lot of things at the same time. And although it feels like we just started endocrinology last week, we’re already moving on to the cardiovascular system tomorrow. Therefore, I’m going to continue my work instead of drawing sub-par self-portraits of myself procrastinating.

PS: Sorry for the image quality, a lot of the photos are screen grabs from various snaps and video clips.