I want to conduct an experiment

As some of you may know, I used to study English literature. One of the reasons why I even started this blog in the first place was so that I wouldn’t forget the things that I learned. However, lately, I feel as if my vocabulary has begun to atrophy. In favor of consistency and maintaining an overarching light-hearted and more “peppy” theme, I’ve let adverbs and run-on sentences become a crutch to lean on.

A little image of yesterday's visitor sleeping on my leg.

A little image of yesterday's visitor sleeping on my leg.

You’d think that perhaps spending more time polishing each blog post would be the way to go. I, however, think that doing the exact opposite might force me to not only be more creative in coming up with new content, but to challenge me to formulate myself in different ways each day. Therefore, from today, I’ll be blogging every day for a month!

I’m creating a new subsection in the drop-down menu on the website dedicated to this project if you want to join me in this journey. I will not adhere completely to the self-imposed structure of this website, where most blog posts can be categorized into either “vet school”, “animal welfare” or “study techniques”. Although, many of the entries will, of course, follow the same model as before. What’s new is that I’m going to try out explaining some of the things that we’re learning in vet school right now, and hopefully, it’ll help me learn something along the way. I will also share compressed lessons from podcasts that I’m listening to and books that I’m currently reading, and how these ideas relate to either work habits or vet school.

I’m excited to see if this works. Until tomorrow,