How to make Mondays awesome in three simple steps

There’s hardly anything I dislike more than waking up in a rush and finding you have nothing to wear, your bags aren’t packed, you have no idea which auditorium you’re supposed to be in for the first lessons, and you’re in a general state of disarray. Sadly, the “waking up in a rush”-part happens far too often, but what I have found mitigates the rest of the issues associated with morning stress is preparing well the night before. I’ve written about how I plan my weekdays at length before, so I won’t get too much into that part of my Sunday schedule. This, however, is more of a list of things I’ve found makes not only Mondays, but pretty much every weekday get off to a great start, no matter what.

1. Tidy up your living space: If you’ve ever woken up to find that there are no clean dishes to eat breakfast of in the morning, you know how important this step is. If you wake up in a neat and tidy area, your head will be less cluttered as you prepare for your day, and you can go about your morning without that added stress. Have a look at the room you’re sitting in right now. Set a timer for 5 minutes, and do as much as you can to tidy up that time space. I promise you, it will be 5 minutes well spent.

2. Prepare for tomorrow’s lessons: According to my schedule, tomorrow’s first lessons are on the digestive system, and the following three hours are designated study group hours, where the main focus is the cardiovascular system. This means that in order to get the most out of tomorrow’s school hours, I should read up on the physiology of rumination based on what the professor has briefed us on, and write down a few questions on the circulatory system. I’m also going to work on the blood pressure lab rapport since the teacher will be available for questioning. Knowing what to focus on and bring with you to school is a key part in getting the most out of your day!

3. Pack your bags and put out clothes for the following day: I’ve written about decision fatigue before (if you haven’t read it, click this link), but I’ll say it again, remove as many “obstacles” as you can in the morning. Spending a bunch of time deciding what to wear and which books to bring will create unnecessary friction in what should be an otherwise smooth morning.

I didn't really have an image to go with this blog post, so I thought "when in doubt, go for a cute kitten pic". I think this is a good rule in general.

I didn't really have an image to go with this blog post, so I thought "when in doubt, go for a cute kitten pic". I think this is a good rule in general.

Other than that, take a few minutes to think about your overarching goals. How did you feel the week went? What was good? What can you improve on? Being mindful about these sort of things will set you on the right trajectory for the upcoming week. Also, remember to be kind to yourself. Not everything should be about being hyper-productive. Some goals can be purely centered on making more time for friends, or getting in an extra workout session per week. It can even be making more time for relaxation. These are all equally important and should be prioritized as such.