Hematopoietic tissues, lymph nodes, and the final week of dissections

Today I find myself with the rare pleasure of having the entire morning to myself. I’ve been drinking tea, I’ve met up with my sister, I’ve called my grandmother, and it’s only half past nine in the morning. As of writing this I’ve been checking my email and going over this week’s lectures (while sneakily watching YouTube vlogs), and I just realized that this Friday marks the final day of dissection this semester. It’s become such a regular part of the week since starting anatomy and physiology, and now we won’t be back in the dissection room until October.

As for the rest of the week, there’s a lot of anatomy up ahead, mainly in the lymphatic and hematopoietic regions. I wasn’t able to finish my digestive system document last week, but I’m not overly concerned with the backlog it has created. I think it’s better to just look forward, and put in a bit of extra work over the summer.

Another element to take into consideration is the upcoming exam. While it is multiple choice, and by the looks of it, fairly straight forward, there are a few pitfalls that I run into every time I try to do a mock exam. The questions I lose the most points on are the “which statement is correct?”-type, where pretty much every answer is plausible. (Just reading this over has made me realize that after I’ve handed in my lab rapport, I need to do about a hundred of these mock exams).

On that less-than-calming-note, I’m going to have to finish my cup of tea, and end this blog post. As far as the 30-day challenge goes, so far I’m enjoying this! If there’s a hobby you’re struggling to make time for, give yourself a challenge like this one! I think it’s important to have hobbies outside of something as taxing as vet school, or any other degree for that matter. Spending a few minutes each day writing has been a welcome change of pace from the regular coursework.