Binging Netflix and cramming for exams

The combination of House of Cards being back and exam season creeping up on me has left me with about fifteen minutes to blog today. Therefore, I thought I’d just include a few pictures from today’s dissection, as well as what I’ve been up to after I got home from today’s lectures:

We started the day by opening up our dog’s chest cavity, and looked at the mediastinum, and the various blood vessels going to and from the lungs, as well as the cranial heart vessels. After rummaging around for a bit we cut out the lungs, and looked at the bronchioles. We also had a little sneak preview of Friday’s dissection by looking at a plastinated heart. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, plastination is a way of preserving anatomical structures by replacing water and fat with certain plastics.

After coming home, I’m not gonna lie, we watched about three episodes of House of Cards before doing anything productive. However, once I got going, I was able to do some of the anatomy exam questions, and make a few diagrams to go along with my answer attempts. My aim is to finish this exam by tomorrow, and spend about two days completing each full exam, alternating between anatomy and physiology tasks every other day.


And that’s pretty much it! Now I’m going to binge some more Netflix, because season 5 is goddamn good so far!