I failed

As you may have noticed, the 30-day blog challenge came to an abrupt end this Wednesday. Although I felt bad about ending the project, I knew it was the right thing to do. School should come first, and in the days leading up to the exam, there just wasn’t enough time to blog on a daily basis.

In the end, I managed to post 15 blog posts instead of the usual four I’d post in the span of two weeks. I wrote some posts I’m actually proud of, like this, and this. I managed to post two articles on animal welfare, which is a section of the site I often neglect. I also put out three “how-to”-guides, and got to try out some new study techniques along the way.

I’m happy with what I managed to “churn out”, and that I was able to find time for a hobby that I love. And who knows, I might do something similar during the summer! As for right now, I’m going to wind down, and watch the Microsoft E3 press conference as a reward for working on my flash cards all day!