4 ways to keep yourself accountable while studying


Since we have tomorrow off for Pentecost I’m contemplating what will be the best way to spend my time tomorrow. A thing I’ve found useful for actually sticking to the study schedules you make for one-off holidays like these are accountability tools. This can be anything from external motivators, like the anti-charity bet mentioned on The Tim Ferriss Show. This is where to ensure you reach a long term goal within a set date, you set aside some money, that if you don’t complete your task within the timeframe that you’ve set for yourself, will be donated to the worst thing you can think of, in your name.

If you’re looking for weekly check-ins, you can use the method mentioned on the College Info Geek-podcast, where the host, Thomas Frank, has a weekly “mastermind session”, where he Skypes a group of ambitious friends, and they all talk about their weekly progress, and which projects that want to complete during the upcoming week.

If you’re looking for more of a daily external motivator, there are a ton of communities over on Reddit, like /r/GetDiciplined’s [plan]-posts, /r/GetStudying’s study groups, /r/GetMotivatedBuddies’ study-buddy-posts, and various other subreddits dedicated to daily check-ins. This is also the case over on Discord.

You can also do this with your friends – for instance, if you’re both studying for an upcoming exam, text them your daily schedule, and have them text theirs back. By nightfall, have them prove that they’ve done what they set out to do, and vice versa.

Regardless of whether or not you have the day off tomorrow, I hope these accountability tools gave you some inspiration for how to stay on track in the final days leading up to your exams.