Visiting the Deer Park in Aarhus, Denmark

Hey, guys, it’s been a minute! Since the last time I wrote I went on a great trip to Denmark, where the main purpose was to run Aarhus Half, a really fun half marathon. However, this trip also provided me with one of the most wonderful animal experiences I’ve had all summer, namely feeding carrots to sika and fallow deer.

I’m just going to let the pictures do most of the talking, but if you ever find yourself in or nearby Aarhus, I highly recommend visiting the Marselisborg park. In addition to these darling creatures, there were also wild boars, which unfortunately we didn’t have time to see, but I’m sure are equally adorable and friendly.

While I did thoroughly enjoy having four weeks completely off to spend with friends and family, I have so many pent up blog ideas that I’m eager to share with you guys. So from here on out, expect the same biweekly schedule as always.

Be sure to come back Wednesday for some new study tips, and have a great start to the new semester!