General pathology update

I’m winding down from a day of histology lessons, studying and working at the clinic, and thought about how it has been way too long since I just did a regular update here on the “Vet To Be” website. Right now, I’m reading up on medical genetics, since I’ll be out of town for several of the genetics lectures. Earlier today, we finished our sixth or seventh day of pathology microscopy courses. The pace of this block is pretty intense, so I’m finding myself staying up late pretty much every night, trying to keep up with everything. Take tonight for instance – it’s currently half past eleven at night, and here I am blogging!

The daily grind of staying on top of revision tasks, preparing for upcoming courses, working and volunteering outside of school, training for a race and just general reoccurring tasks has me writing lists like a mad woman. I’m testing out a bunch of calendar- and productivity apps for the website to see if anything helps, but right now the bog standard paper and pen is getting the job done better than any other electronic competitor.

Although this blog post might read like a stress-inducing work of horror, I’m really energized by everything that’s happening right now. There are so many cool trips and projects in the works, and I love being part of it all. Energy ebbs and flows like everything else in life, and after the draining anatomy and physiology block, I feel refueled by everything that’s going on lately. I can’t go into specifics yet, but be sure to come back to the blog in a few weeks for some very interesting content!

I’m going to cut this blog post short, and leave you with an image I took during today’s microscopy lesson. Can you tell what kind of parasite this is? Leave a comment here, or over on the @vettobe Instagram and leave a guess.