The End of Fur Farming

This blog post is about three weeks overdue, but a monumental event like this must be documented on the website. As a Norwegian animal lover, I’m incredibly proud to say that the Norwegian fur industry is being phased out. With this decision, the Norwegian government has been the first Nordic country to ban fur farming.

The fur farmers have from now until 2025 to seize all fur farming activity, which is a very generous timeframe. The fur industry has seen a great decline over the years, and as Sveinung Fjose, expert on fur farm economics, and advisory to the Norwegian government on the socioeconomic consequences of ending fur farming said;

“It’s not a very lucrative business in Norway… It wouldn’t harm the Norwegian economy severely [to close it down.]”

(Link here to the Norwegian report, and link here to The Guardian Article featuring the translated quote.)

Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, and Japan are currently working on phasing out their fur industries, as the world sees an increasing opposition from not only animal rights campaigners, but also the general public.

We’re seeing changes in the world of fashion as well, as Gucci pledges to go fur-free as of 2018, and other brands such as Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, and Tommy Hilfiger have spoken out against the use of fur for fashion for years.

I understand that there are still other countries with foxes and mink living in horrid conditions, and that we still have a long way to go before every nation shuts down this vain industry. However, I’m hoping that by joining the ranks of the other forward-thinking nations, we can inspire other countries to do the same.